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  • Bouncing speedo

    446D5E09-3213-44E6-AC63-EFA7FEA79A7F.jpeg hey guys, been a while. Halfway through the summer my speedo started bouncing around. I checked the cable and it was fine. On my drill in reverse it would spin the needle up smooth and fine. I assumed it was the speedo drive and ordered one from eBay to replace over the winter along with a few other things. No worries right? Well no...the bike started getting really choppy at slow speedo, like the speedo gears were grinding and sort of snatching the wheel...really unsafe feeling. So I put it way until I had time to replace the speedo drive. I had time today to take the The right side bearing was intact but really rough...the left side however, the side that the speedo is on, was in 4 pieces plus the balls all rusty and rolling around loose inside the hub. The speedo drive receiver notches that sit in the grooves around the outer bearing race were halfway worn off!!! The receiver was spinning inside the snap ring groove which caused the initial speedo bounce. New bearings are ordered from Pete's superbike here in canada, and I'll have to repair the receiver so it holds in place. Just putting it out there in case someone else has a bouncy speedo in the future!!
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    So....are you saying.....all the little parts are supposed to be one big part? Good to know....I wouldn't say it looks bad; slide hammer, pliers, and ratchet look perfectly fine. On a serious note, you got kinda got lucky. Good you have the parts on the way to fix it. Winter is around the said Canada but not which you might have a couple months or six to fix it.


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      I got very lucky! I could feel it starting to lock up in slow corners. It would quickly grab and sort of feel like its turning was very very uncomfortable. With the KLR I rode all winter once, with this bike I'm done for the year. We have frost every morning and we've had some decent thick icy frost a handful of times already. I leave for work in the dark too so no dice with 160 hp and smooth tires! PLus I need to put away my sailboat thats still in the water and get ready for hunting for the first 2 weeks of I gots no time to fix the bike let alone ride it until december.


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        Whew, dodged a bullet there.

        Glad you got it sorted.
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          Good catch!
          I doubt the wheel would have locked up with all of the Zeds weight/momentum easily pushing past that small bearing, but, even a small grab-and-go in a corner could have been a bad result.

          Thanks for the heads up. Another experience documented here for everyone's benefit.
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