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Crate ZZR worth?

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  • Crate ZZR worth?

    hi guys. Quick question...
    gotta friend that has a brand new 2006 600 ZZR zero miles that he was wondering what it would be worth if he sold it.
    He got it with a lost key so he’s going to find a locksmith. Just asked me if he should keep it and go through the whole thing for fluids and dry rot or sell it. I didn’t know what it was worth. If any of you have an idea...... thanks.
    bike is located in north western Michigan.
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    Although it's cool with 0 miles, but (only my opinion) the ZZR 600's not really a collector bike, at this point anyway.

    No keys, hopefully has the title?

    I'm thinking around 3,500 OBO

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      Yes. He has title. No. It’s not a collector. Just wondering what he should put it on the market for in northern Michigan.
      Thanks. Piken.

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        Zero miles and a 2006 - I would think maybe half of what a new one might be worth. If anyone wants to ride it that’s the most it will be worth once it has a few miles on it. It definitely doesn’t have any collector value at this point, it’s not near old enough and there were simply too many of them made. It’s obviously a nice low mileage garage queen for someone. Your friend can ask whatever he wants for it, the market will determine what it’s actually worth.

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          Didn't know such a thing still existed!


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            I would not sell it until you put several thousand miles on it! At least 4-5!K. You won't get anymore for it being 50miles or 4,000 with its age and not really being a Top Dog bike in its day. Saying that it is still a blast with above average fun. Get it on the rode and ride it. You won't lose anything more riding it a year and selling it. what is book value for excellent? I would still think you could get $4,000+ with low miles if you can push the bike is really only been alive less then a year. Good Luck! One last thing... Not a good time to be selling a bike in the fall winter.


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              Bought one of these for my daughter as her first bike this year... (I ride an 04 ZZR1200). She's put over 6000km on it in her first summer of riding... we did a trip from New Brunswick, Canada into downtown Manhattan and back (along with my son on an FZ-08, first year on the street for him too). Anyways, I did some work on the ZZR600 before she started riding it, and one of the items that needed repair was the ignition.... it wouldn't work most of the time. It was dead simple to buy an aftermarket assembly off e-bay with a set of keys and swap it out. Of course her ignition key does not match the gas tank or seat anymore, which admittedly is a pain, but for a first bike for her to learn on it worked well for us and only cost about $30.