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Free Techron (after mail in rebate)

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  • Free Techron (after mail in rebate)

    Order 3 bottles from Amazon (free shipping if you have Prime). On sale for $3.74 each, 12oz bottles. Total = $11.22.

    Send in rebate form to Chevron, get 100% rebate.

    Looks like it'll take some time to get product, but, for free, why not.

    I did a similar deal with Amazon for a Samsung smart watch. took about 4 weeks to get it, but, I paid $109 for the same watch they were selling for ~$225 with same day delivery. I could wait a few weeks and save >$100.

    Link to slickdeals with full details and link to rebate form...

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    Thank you for the heads-up!

    Just ordered mine. Damn taxes, 3 bottles will cost me $0.15
    2008 C-14