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  • Radiator Guard ZZR1400

    Hello everybody !
    Has anybody fitted the R&G radiator guard to their ZZR ?
    The instructions start by suggesting removal of panels.
    Is this necessary, as the supplies cable ties, according to one You tuber are almost impossible to attach !

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    I installed one last year after having a rock kill my rad. Not sure if it was an R&G. But I did have to do a lot of disassembly to get it in there. Search the topic on the site and you will find more info.
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      There is some removal of panels needed, to make it easier for installation on the R&G from what I recall when researching. The recommended panels is the under fairing pieces on the nose fairing, splash guard at the fork, and some people remove the side fairings to make it easier. What the instructions are after is all the black under fairing pieces/splash guards. I chose to use the Radgard (spelling could be wrong) which was a recommendation from others here. All hard mount, with hardware provided. Went on slick and has done it's job for me. Was worried about temps at first, but now know it isn't going cause a problem.


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        I did not have to remove any panel when I installed my Cox radiator gaurd on my 2012 ZX-14R. It mounted to the bottom radiator bolt and zip tied on the top corners.
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