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    So I was a good boy and read the owners manual for my new to me zzr1200 last night. It brough up a couple of questions and I figured this was the plasce to solve them! The max load the bike can apparently handle is 397 pounds. I weigh 350 on my own and my wife is 180 or so...on my KLR I had to reinforce the subframe bolts to be safe, is there anyhting I need to worry about on the zzr to be safe overloading it? Secondly I learned that this bike has a catalytic converter. Ive run shell rotella T in all of my toys up until now with great success, but none of them have had a cat. Will the slightly higher levels of zddp in the diesel oil ruin my cat? or do you guys usually remove the cats? The PO used amsoil, but I got a 20 year old bike becasue im poor, so Im not putting amsoil into it.

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    Rock on with both. The ZZR is built like a tank with a steel subframe and all. Everyone uses the 15-40 around here with zero issues. Just ride it.
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      so the rotella shouldnt be a problem? has anybody heard of a subframe breaking? I'll look at it when I get a sec, but if its a non-issue then I wont be in such a rush.

      Also, one other question, the manual said that if I ride in heavy rain or on a muddy road I should take the bike to a mechanic immediately to change air filter....this seems a little excessive, and I live on a dirt road so I'd be a t the mechanic every time it rained


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        You should be good to go I’ve never seen or heard of sub frame issues. Just remember to do a good inspection every so often
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          Used Rotella T-6 in every oil change. Never any problems.

          Can't speak to the overloading question other than to agree with quickaw above.

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            Been using Rotella T Synthetic for scores of thousands of Zed miles - no issues.

            The ZX-11 had ana aluminum subframe; the ZZR12 has a steel subframe the better to support hard cases etc.

            You should be fine there.

            Suspension with 5-600#? I dunno.

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              FYI, Just for gits and shiggles I changed the oil from amsoil to cheap store brand diesel oil and now have many false neutrals and very clunky shifts into first and second. NOW I will go to T6 and see how it stacks up.


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                You could always run a full synthetic, 10W-40 motorcycle oil. My bike ran well on Castrol Power 1 Racing and the shift quality was about the best of any oil I used in it. It will be more expensive than diesel oil though.

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                  The bike came with amsoil 10w40 and as I said it was surprisingly smooth and tight for a bike with >100k on the clock. I just have always had an issue with their pricing to spend that much on oil. I threw the diesel oil in there to see if it was just the bike, but the amsoil was light years better. I'll try the t6 as its 5w40 full synth and far cheaper than the amsoil. If the T6 makes it as good as before I'll stick with it, if not I'll have to give amsoil the kudos and open up my wallet.

                  I'll check out that castrol stuff...Ive never heard of it, theres a chance we dont get it in canada


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                    I'm currently on Motul semi synthetic, and I don't need to touch the clutch on up shifts - it's like butter.

                    I always get 5-6 upshift false neutrals if I'm lazy on the lever, no matter what oil

                    Can confirm Canadian Tire usually stocks the Castrol mentioned above


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                      ok I just looked...that stuff is more than amsoil! crikey, maybe I'm just a cheap bastard!


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                        Originally posted by YYCZED View Post
                        I'm currently on Motul semi synthetic, and I don't need to touch the clutch on up shifts - it's like butter.

                        I always get 5-6 upshift false neutrals if I'm lazy on the lever, no matter what oil
                        Can confirm Canadian Tire usually stocks the Castrol mentioned above
                        Ive been running Motul semi synthetic for years now. As Gareth noted - clutchless upshifts are like butter.

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                          T6 shifts smooth, makes daddy happy decent price. JUST DO IT

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                            T-6 for me. I'd buy it by the drum, but single gallon price cheaper.

                            currently $15.47 a gallon + $1.93 tax delivered on Amazon. Prime member after rebate.

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                              It's not the frame you should worry about. Make sure you have good tires and brakes and take the time to get used to the handling. That much weight on the bike is going to be a lot different than just me at 165#.