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ZZR1100C Hot Starting Problem

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  • ZZR1100C Hot Starting Problem

    Hi All,

    I have a 1990 C model that starts right up on the choke in the morning but after reaching temp, if I shut her down and come to start her again within a few minutes, she turns over but wont catch.
    If I open the throttle wide open she will catch and start after some more cranking.

    I have had the carbs off numerous times for rebuild, she has had new float seats and needles including the O rings and they do seal if I blow into the bowl using a pipe.
    All jets have been cleaned of not replaced, float height was set to 17mm using a caliper.

    I had a friend smell the exhaust while cranking and they could smell fuel for sure.

    Im leaning on the side of flooding - but why if the float is set to factory spec ?

    The fuel pump is working, filter is new. Spark is good and she has had new plugs and a new battery of the correct specification.

    Any help would be great


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    Sounds like it's running rich for sure.

    However, are you sure it's a fuel issue and maybe not a spark/electrical issue?

    Definitely weird symptoms.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
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      Its got me stumped to be honest hence the question to the forum.
      Pilot jets dont seem to tbe the issue as the idle is perfect.
      Ive checked for splits in the intake rubbers - none present.

      My mind keeps coming back to float hights.

      anyone know what the FH is for the C ? is it the same as the D ?


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        When was the last time/miles since last valve adjustment?
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          So did the problem start immediately after some carb work? If so, you know where to look.


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            I dont know if the carbs are similar to the zzr1200 but i was having the same issue happening when the oring that seals in the center of the float bowl had a chunk missing. Part number 92055. If the carbs are diff disregard my comment


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              Originally posted by piken View Post
              When was the last time/miles since last valve adjustment?