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  • Bluetooth headsets?

    I’d like to get some opinions on the different ones. Mainly for listening to music. The people I ride with most of the time are bikers with half or no helmets so bike to bike isn’t the highest on the list.
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    Let me know when you find a good one. I have a few, and all are good until I try riding with them, then I have connection issues with the sound cutting out frequently.


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      My neighbor swears by the Bose. The ear buds fit in a helmet and the electronics are on the neck piece. I can attest to the Bose quality from my avionics use. They are expensive but thats the norm for good quality electronics.


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        I'm pleased with my Sena 20S. Primary use is music, BT'd from an old cell phone. In that mode, the Sena speakers are adequate, even with ear plugs. When I need to hear music and GPS instructions, (BT'd from my Zumo), I use wired in ear buds plugged in to the Sena. I've never been able to get the levels mixed right. Same goes for rider to rider comm.


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          If you mainly just want music and phone, Sena 5. Works great, less than $100, and universal pairing if you do want to talk to someone.

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            I've been happy with the Sena 10s. I did change to the adapter that allows you to plug in a headset (rather than mount speakers in the helmet). Then got a good set of wired earbuds. The hard part is finding earbuds that allow a full face helmet to fit over them easily.

            Earbuds block the wind noise and sound a million times better than helmet mounted speakers.
            I rarely talk on the phone while riding, but have had 2 people tell me they didn't know I was talking to them while on a motorcycle using the Sena setup.
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              I've been using a Cardo Packtalk since mid-summer. I am a technology-hating luddite but if you wanna be on my wavelength - and who doesn't? - take note

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                Umm 10 year old post chris


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                  I've got the Sena 10smh for both my helmet and the wife's. Listening to music is completely doable but understand, in some conditions you won't hear much. I'll clarify a bit, under 65-70mph you'll hear things better but the more wind noise, the less you'll hear. Anything over 70 is washed and the wind noise really takes over. When cruising around back roads and up to 60, I find no issue and can listen for hours with no problem. Freeway speeds and heavy winds or even raining and windy, I'm looking to turn it off too much annoyance. Play with the speaker placement and move them closer to the ears and you might have better results. You may also experience hotspots on the ears but worth trying out if that is what you have.

                  A few friends can wear ear buds and listen to music with what they say as no issue. They use their phones with direct plug-in ear buds, not Bluetooth to in helmet speakers. Most guys I run across don't listen to anything and I've fallen off the listening wagon and just wear earplugs. Some will say run what you want, some say use earbuds, and others will say use earplugs or listen to the engine/exhaust note music. To each their own and enjoy what you decide.


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                    Originally posted by ZZ-r View Post
                    Umm 10 year old post chris
                    I must be time travelin’ then Troy.
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                      I’ve always had earbuds. I used to have a set of the earfuze buds that you use silicone putty to mold them to your ears they were the best I’ve used in a helmet but the wiring finally broke on them. I took the ones that came with my new phone and did the same thing with the putty and they seem to work well but I guess I’ll find out on the trip. I’ve heard the same thing over and over with all of the different units they good up till around 70 and then the wind takes over.
                      Maybe I should just strap my “Beats” to my helmet
                      Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.


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                        I use a cheap MP 3 player that I downloaded my music to.

                        I did splurge back in the day and get some Etymotic ear buds.

                        While the Etymotic's are better/more comfortable than typical ear buds (in my case) they still start hurting after a couple of hours of wearing them.

                        The earfuze are very comfortable but as you said the wiring is prone to breaking if you pull on the wire to get them out instead of actually manipulating the earfuze material.

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                          I've been considering the Q Solo from Cardo:
                          Very basic, relatively inexpensive but Ithink it would suit my needs.