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ZZR1200 - Splitting the Case..

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  • ZZR1200 - Splitting the Case..

    Im trying to split the case of my 2003 ZZR1200 without much joy and not being 100% convinced i have everything undone holding the two parts together, can anyone suggest if i need to
    take the gear linkage mech off attached to the side of the case? The manual suggests that i do but can't see how that's holding it together.

    The bikes has developed quite a knock when you turn the sprocket spline which seems to be coming from somewhere inside the gearbox hence the project. Any suggestions would be really appeciated.


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    Hard to tell if you are missing anything from those pictures. I notice there appears to be a battery cable still attached. Did you remove the top side case bolts?


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      Thanks for that, the final bolt was attached to the ground strap. Once i removed that, i was able to pry the case apart and came apart fairly easily..

      Having finally got round to splitting the case today, I'm still trying to find that illusive knock. i think I've pinpointed it to the clutch basket area which had a real wobble when i spun it. There seems to be high temperature discoloration at the end of the spline at the clutch end (is this normal?) and markings on the clutch basket which I'm sure is not normal(photo). I guess a new clutch basket and needle bearing is on the shopping list however much they are, but its just that knock which I'm stumped to know what that could be..

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        What knock??? Was this bike crashed?

        You'll need a Tensioner Tamer or the pressure plate will get beaten up again.


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          When you spin the clutch spline round with your hand you can definitely feel a ridge or it catching every rotation or so but the larger shaft bearings seem to run smooth. I'll probably need to have a real good look at the needle bearings perhaps to see if there is any pitting or something caught in them as there is a fair bit of metal caught in the oil strainer in the sump.

          As you can tell, i'm not the most knowledgeable on this and was considering taking it to a specialist for them to fix although if i can do it myself and learn something then all the better.. .

          Ok, Added Tensioner tamer to the shopping list.

          I'm just wondering when would you scrap a clutch basket or would replacement needle bearings be all that's required and that scorching to end of the clutch spline is that normal?..


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            Fascinating to watch over your progress. There are some very knowledgeable blokes occasionally on the site so hopefully you get some good advise. Good on you to take it apart and show.


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              If the fingers have deep grooves from the plates, Kawasaki recommends replacement. That baskets doesn't look to bad. Pull it, and inject everything recommended by the manual, and I bet you'll find your problem.

              Putting it back together is the tricky part.