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What is the best way to ship motorcycles?

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  • What is the best way to ship motorcycles?

    What's the best way to ship bikes? I'll be needing to ship two of them in the next couple of months (haven't decided if I'll rent a trailer and tow them yet, want to see what it costs). I'm FINALLY leaving California, house will go up for Sale in September. Closing on a house in Texas fairly soon, (near Sherman).

    Originally I was going to wait until the end of the year, but the gun laws and the Derp here have just gotten too insane, so I'm out.
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    When I shipped the bike to Tex last year I used these guys, Ultimately the bike arrived safely but it was a bit of a surprise when a full semi rig enclosed auto carrier showed up in front of my house on Sunday morning to pick up the bike. Not quite the dedicated moto trailers that were promoted on the web site. The explanation was that few bikes get shipped from the Northeast to the PNW so options were very limited. Fortunately the bike didn't move once it was on the trailer. I think the other moto carriers cross dock palletized bikes Also the trailer was carrying about $500,000 in muscle cars so it appeared legit. And the two Belarusian fellows running the rig appeared to know their stuff. Bike showed up at Tex's place about 60 hours after it left my place.I would use them again especially if shipping to the south west or CA.


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      I’ve used in the past and was very satisfied with them. They weren’t as fast as the previously mentioned service but I wasn’t in a rush so that wasn’t a concern. They are worth checking out for price comparison.

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        In regard to price, I checked several different companies and they were all about the same.

        $600 per bike one way. So, that's about $1200 in your case.

        That was form Illinois to Oregon though. Yours might be a little cheaper from Texas to Cali.

        I decided to go ahead and haul them myself.
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          I used uShip to move a '92 Honda Nighthawk 750 from Austin, TX, to Atlanta, GA, back in 2012. The guy I contracted with came out, loaded the bike in his transport van, strapped it down, and delivered it right on time. I paid $440 upfront, and I believe uShip held onto the payment until he delivered the bike.

          uShip is basically the Lyft/Uber of the shipping world.


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            Sorry for the threadjack, Banner, but let me know when you move. I'd like to do a ride in Arkansas for a long weekend in October and there are great roads in SE Oklahoma on the way - I'd love to have you along

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