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End of the season?

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  • End of the season?

    Probably the last ride about of the year. Other than work commute perhaps. Cool and windy so only a 100 mile local cruise.
    ScreenHunter_29 Nov. 26 16.27.jpg
    And a few photos:
    Bah, left over chip seal gravel..
    At the one lane bridge
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    My season ended 6 weeks ago. I generally have to park the bikes in mid to late October and don’t ride again until early to mid April. Such are the challenges of living in the Great White North. At least the skiing is good!

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      I don't ride much, if at all during Jan-Feb, but mainly from cold rain and some low temps. But hell, we gotta fix stuff down here sometimes.
      I usually go no more than about 3 weeks at one time without riding at least some, just to keep the oil stirred up I guess. I would hate waiting
      for months at a time. I hate cold weather, snow,etc. Glad to be in the South myself.
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        Riding season just started for me. Mid 70's for the next 10 days according to the weather channel.

        Nice photos, by the way.


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          season? What is that? Might get the heated gear out soon here in CA. but got in a nice 250 mil loop Friday!!!


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            Sunny and 70s in the daytime and 50s at night into the foreseeable future :)

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              yeah yeah


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                Maybe this was the last ride of 2017. This gives me a ride in every month of 2017. A little 90 mile ride about. Some fun on the run from Rt 74 to the river
                ScreenHunter_30 Dec. 03 21.33.jpg
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                  That looks like a nice little ride Scott

                  I haven't ridden in two months probably

                  Seems every weekend we have something going.

                  Supposed to be 60 tomorrow and 40 the next.

                  I think cold temps have finally come to stay in Illinois
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                    Mine didn’t start this year.
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                    '05 ZG 1000


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                      Too much work? No battery tender?


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                        Originally posted by mehush View Post
                        Riding season just started for me. Mid 70's for the next 10 days according to the weather channel.

                        Nice photos, by the way.
                        "Riding season just started for me". Mid 70's for the next 10 days - - - OHUSH MEHUSH....