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Firstgear TPG overpants with liner/Kilamanjaro Jacket XL and for ride

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  • Firstgear TPG overpants with liner/Kilamanjaro Jacket XL and for ride

    I've had zero luck selling these locally. For sale isn't really true. I'm offering them up for cost of shipping to any of our forum members. What I have is Firstgear TPG overpants with the cozy warm liner. Size is 46, but has velcro sides for some adjustment down to about a 40. For reference, I am 6'2" tall, inseam of a 32 in Carhartt's, and at the time I wore these, I was about 280lbs. Length would just touch the ground standing still, but would cover the ankle when sitting on the zed. These are waterproof and warm. Used during the fall, winter, early spring riding season. These never failed me in the rain, even downpours. No rips, no tears, show their age slightly with a little fade. Liner zips in and shows age yet no holes and no tears, a few frayed edges, but no undone stitching. Free for the taking except you pay the ride (estimate between $15-$25). If you live local to Tacoma/Seattle area, stop by and then you won't have to pay the ride.


    Also up for grabs is a Firstgear Kilimanjaro Jacket with Liner. Size is XL and color is Black/grey. Comes with Nikwax. Never been down, no rips, no tears, no scuffs, armor was removed long ago and can't find it. It is supposed to be waterproof, and it could be again, but I was getting wet on the arms (mid bicep, and front of elbows). Washed in Nikwax and it got better, could use it again, or spray it with Scotchguard if desired for immediate water restistance. Liner is included with this jacket. I wore this jacket year around for about 4 years in total. It was my go to jacket, but was replaced by a Klim jacket. Same thing here, free except you pay the ride (estimate between $15-$25). If you're local, stop by and no freight.
    FGXL Jacket-1.jpg

    Finally, offering up my wife's Kilimanjaro jacket. Size is Small. No liner is included with this jacket though, just the jacket. This is a man's small jacket, which means it fits the equivalent of a woman's medium jacket, or so I'm told. Bought it new and used for a total of about 3 months over 3 years time. Never in an accident, no rips, no tears, no stitching undone, is waterproof too (according to my wife). Color is Black/grey. This one I'm asking for $75 + the ride (estimate $15-$25). If you're local and want to try it on, come on down and save the shipping.

    FGSM Jacket-1.jpg
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    Re: Firstgear TPG overpants with liner/Kilamanjaro Jacket XL and for rid

    nice offers


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      Had no takers on these in the attempts to sell locally, and none here. Ended up taking these to the Goodwill and offloading them. All gone.


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        You tried
        I have neither the time,or the inclination, to explain myself to a man, who rises and sleep under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner, in which I provide it. I'd rather you just say 'thank you' and go on your way.