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    Re: ZZR1200 Parts For Sale

    If you still have the seat for sale I would like to buy...PayPal ready
    i will pay shipping

    Text@ 519-533-3858


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      Re: ZZR1200 Parts For Sale

      I need the bracket on the right side which supports the rear brake pedal and rear brake master cylinder. It is a cast piece that was broken when my neighbor backed into my bike and it tipped over.

      Originally posted by BillyTheKid View Post
      Getting ready for a PCS to Germany and cleaning out a bunch of old stuff that we can't take with us...I came across a bunch of parts that I had bought for the mighty Zed but never got around to replacing before trading her for a K1200s in '15. So, without further adeau...

      Corbin Seat w/passenger back rest (good condition - some wear but not bad): $200
      GIVI 36L hard cases w/mounting bracket (excellent condition w/keys - only mounted once for a week): $250
      Windscreen: $20 (*sold)

      I purchased the items below from the fella in GA that tore down a bunch of Zed's for their incredible engines...these are from his 'zero miles' bin and look brand new:
      Headlight assembly: $100 (*sold)
      Taillight assembly: $75
      Front Forks w/rebound adjustment: $200 (*sold)
      Swingarm: $75

      Some of the more bulky items I would prefer to sell locally (Denver/Colorado), but if you are willing to pay for shipping then I'm willing to find boxes, etc. Prices listed above do not include S&H.

      It's been a while since I bought the pieces, so my prices might be a little off...if something seems out of whack, just make me an offer I can't refuse.



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        Hey still out there? I recall meeting you a long time ago...good to see you!
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          Still have the contact in GA? That's local to me and I'd love to see what they've got.


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            Hi Billy, do you have any inner dash parts? I'm local in Denver
            Thanks ..AJ