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Looking for a ZZR-1100 upper cowling/mask

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  • Looking for a ZZR-1100 upper cowling/mask

    Hi Guys

    I've had an accident with my mask, unfortunately.
    So I'm looking for a mask, just like the one in the image below, exact same colour ebony/pearl teal green.

    I also would like to know, what your experience is with non-genuine cowling parts, for instance the ones on ebay sold from china, are they worth it?



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    Don't limit yourself to the same colour. Yours is from a D2 which means that colour scheme is getting as rare as hens teeth. I have replaced mine and had the replacement upper cowling painted to match my original. The are no graphics on the upper apart from the Kawasaki name and they are easy to get. It is impossible to tell the difference and looks just like Factory. In regard to Chinese replacement panels. They are OK IF you don't go for the cheapest. They are lighter than originals and the paint again can be good or not so. There are some that come with all the normal heat shielding and foam, others do not, read the information carefully. I recently fitted a Chinese front mudguard to one of my bikes. The paint was good but thin. All the holes( 8 on the front mudguard) all lined up and the only issue was that there were no holes for the cable guides. Just drilled them myself.
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