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2003 ZZR 1200; 2230 miles for sale; $1800; Carbondale Co

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  • 2003 ZZR 1200; 2230 miles for sale; $1800; Carbondale Co

    UPDATE: I've sold the bike, but I don't know how to mark it as sold. Should I just delete the whole post? If anybody know the procedure, please let me know. Hi, I'm selling a 2003 ZZR 1200, with 2230 miles on it. I abruptly realized that I had to sell it on 1/16, and I didn't (don't) have time to have it serviced. I intend to do that in the near future, but I need to sell it now. I welcome any questions. I bought it new in 2005, and it's basically been parked ever since. It hasn't been ridden in about nine years, and it hasn't been started or moved, in three and a half. It's been parked where you see it in the pics. It has a dead battery, and I'm sure it needs to be serviced before starting. I'm not a mechanic, but I'd guess that aside from the issues arising from having been parked for years, it would be in excellent mechanical condition. The bike has never bee ridden hard, crashed, or fallen over while moving. A neighbor backed into it and knocked it over, and damaged the plastic on both sides. I have the plastic, but it looks better without it. Included are a mens large Joe Rocket Phoenix 4.0 motorcycle jacket, worn three of four times; A set of Rapid Transit expandable soft saddle bags, never used; ; A used wrap-around helmet; A cervical collar, never used. I posted the bike for sale in 2009, when it had 2100 miles on it, but decided to keep it. It's only been ridden about forty miles in the interim.
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    Was it stored outside??


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      Yes, it's been stored outside. It's under the part of a camper trailer that extends forward over the bed of a pickup truck.


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        Cc peace