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KTM RC390 for Sale

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  • KTM RC390 for Sale

    $200 discount for ZZR people.

    This is a very fun bike, for knocking about or for the track. I ride one just like it on the track, and I put this one together just because it's a cool little bike.

    Want some Moto 3 fun?
    Want to re-discover what sharp cornering is about?
    Want to wear out the very edges of your tires before the center?

    Then add this bike to your stable! MANY brand new parts. Never down, never wet. Very clean. Everything works as it should.

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    That think looks sweet Reid. Damn I have new bike fever!!!

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      how much ?


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        Originally posted by NATURALBORNKILLAR View Post
        how much ?
        Nice bike - GLWS. Link to Craigslist ad shows asking price of $3595 - ZZR members get a $200 discount.

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