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Need new fairing for ZZR1200

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  • Need new fairing for ZZR1200

    Dropped the bike this past Friday. Went down on the right side doing about 80 km/hr.

    Anyone know were to get replacement fairings for the ZZR?


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    Any Kawasaki dealer can order them. Or any of the online sources such as Used ones are sometimes on eBay.

    Here's one:
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      80 km/hr is not a drop it’s a crash. Hope u get it sorted peace


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        Little bit of road rash. I did not have leather pants on, but my jacket, gloves and boots did a great job in protecting me. Helmet did not touch. It was a long slide though!.



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          Thanks reidmct. Ordered the nose, LR and a Logo. Expensive ($1,380.00 CND) but OEM parts.

          Think the bike will be repaired before I am! lol.