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ZX11, ZZR1200 engines, perfect frame and bodywork for sale, Combo deal $4K for all..

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  • ZX11, ZZR1200 engines, perfect frame and bodywork for sale, Combo deal $4K for all..

    I got a Beautiful 2001 ZX-11 Candy wine complete bodywork for sale with tank. 2003 ZZR1200 PMB bodywork all in mint condition, ZZR1200 engine with a little over 10K low miles pulls like a beast and perfect frame with Titles in hand Speedo will go withe sale so everything matches up, same with the 1996 ZX11 engine with upgraded R&D Transmission in Florida mods cost me about a grand to do about 20K on that motor pulls hard both engines in excellent condition..has stainless steel oil filter setup. Will take picture if interested, so next time shit happens and you laid your bike down or blown that motor up don't forget about me... Each deal includes speedo, frame and motor and mint bodywork.. 2 Grand a piece hell of deal..must come pick up though unless you setup trucking shipping arrangements..

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      Where are you located? I 'm looking for a nice set of zx11 side fairings and maybe a zzr12 motor too since mine has a bad gear. I have a 96 zx11 body set in Brandywine red. Do you know if the 01 is the same shade?


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        I'm located in So, Calif, Santa Paula, come with trailer and I'll help you load it all up. I have no idea if the paint is the same. My 96 came originally Luminous Windsor green..I also have a nice 1992 C-model with Ohlins, PM Wheels, Corbin Gunfighter with Lady and backrest etc complete but bodywork is off and complete, can included for $2500 only has 26K miles 2nd gear tranny work also performed by Dealer using undercut gear.

        1996 ZZ-R1100 D4
        Chassis number ZX10D-039001

        Kawasaki sits back on its laurels and change only the colour Plain red or luminous green are added to the scheme chart.


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          I'm on the other coast so it may not work out for me but good luck with the sales.


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            Looking for the lower ‘scoop’ fairing on ZZR-1200. Mine was damaged. I’d consider the whole set as well. On the East Coast (SC).


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              Tank and all with lights headlight and tail $900 plus shipping cost..