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    Removed airbox cover, dual FC mains and pilot circuits, bike never ran better..

    Fuel was drained before storing looked clean no fuel residue or anything. She was dirty though.

    FCR39 all needle slides were stuck frozen, found throttle bodies aluminum inside form a thin layer of oxidation which caused the slides to get stuck. I removed by polishing the surface with bluemagic metal polished worked out great tight toleraces and super smooth action.

    1992 carbs. These I forgot to drain before storing, all pilot jets were plug, fuel left a greenish color on the brass

    All cleaned up with carb cleaner and compress air..

    ZZR1200 carbs looked good appears I drained all the fuel before storing..
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      Beautiful, Jimmi!

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    Bump for Jimmi

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      Hi JimmiZ, what can ya tell me 'bout this: "Progressive front fork springs/spacers mods. RaceTech Gold Valve Kit."? Gonna do seals on my '02 ZZR1200 soon and would really like to have progressive springs. It wouldn't hurt to be a little stiffer in the front, too. Can't seem to find anything on the internets. Thanks, Man.


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        Sorry been so long I can't recall I might have mistaken the gold valve kit on the ZZR1200 different type compared to the ZX11. I know I got the gold valve kit install on those 2 to work better with the aftermarket rear shocks. Racetech site shows front fork springs upgrade, I might have gone that route.