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  • Kawasaki Sports Center Little Rock AR

    Kudos to Tom Murry and his boys at KSC here in Little Rock.
    I have bought 4 bikes from him over the years and never had to haggle once.
    Each time first offer from him at least a grand off list and sometimes more.
    More than fair with trade ins too.
    Compared to buying in the 4 wheel world it's like night and day. No buyer remorse at all.
    Parts guys always helpful and will get you pretty much anything not in stock within the week.
    Long as you are not a total hippie he'll let ya ride pretty much anything in the shop too.
    Not much experience with the workshop as I'll do most things myself but the previous Connie I had had a oil leak from scratch..misaligned seal. Fixed it that day and picked up the next. No hassle or questions.
    Just an honest shop far as I can see and recommend to anyone looking for a fair shake.
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    Re: Kawasaki Sports Center Little Rock AR

    I'm with Dave on this one. I bought a 99 ZRX (new), an 02 Bayou (new), my 03 ZZR (used), and an 08 KLX 110 (new)from Tom Murry and company. I also traded in my 85 V65 Sabre, and my 96 Vmax to get 2 of the previous mentioned bikes. No haggle, no hassle...strongly recommend shopping for new or used bikes here. I feel sure you'll be happy with the deal(s) you make here. I also get my "preferred customer" discount on all parts and accesories I purchase here. Tom has been in business here for 21 years and is an accomplished motocrosser. They sell Kaw, KTM, Hyosung, and some line of scooters. Their parts guy (Dave) lives near me and is bringing a part to me tonite so I don't have to make the trip to LR. That's above and beyond in my book! Laid back, casual atmosphere and demo rides are encouraged. I haven't dealt much with the service dept...mounted a couple tires and that's about it. Kinda leary of the "youngness" of the service staff but between me and my buddy Dave, we pretty much take care of our own maintenance and repair needs. What more can you ask for?

    2 thumbs up!
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