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  • Adjusting Valves - zx14

    The frame clearance on the 14 looks tough, but not bad once you get
    everything stripped off.

    Took me an evening + just to get everything stripped off. (I'm very slow)

    17k on bike, 1 intake valve below min spec and 4 exhaust valves right at min spec.
    So changing out 5 shims.

    Replacing all gaskets, runs around $100.

    92055-0086 O-Ring Crank Sensor gasket $5.98

    92055-0187 Valve cover bolt washers $2.50 x 6 = $15.00

    11061-0738 Valve Cover Gasket $32.40

    11061-0977 Plug Hole gaskets $8.74 x 4 = $35

    11061-0796 CCT Gasket $1.72

    Pro X Valve Shims 9.48mm $1.99 x 5 = $10

    Only wish I would of ordered all the gaskets in advance and waited to start until
    I received them, it appears several are back ordered.

    Then would of only needed to order shims which are always in stock.

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    Re: Adjusting Valves - zx14

    great to see your efforts as I know eventually I will face the same.Lucky to have a friend who had bought iridium plugs,shims and vc gasket just to trade his 09 recently and has sold me those items at a fair price. May try it myself,but cross that bridge as I get there!


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      Re: Adjusting Valves - zx14

      Just ride it...
      KN, this ride's for You.


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        Re: Adjusting Valves - zx14

        Mine has about 20,000 miles on it now. I believe it was due for valve adjustment at 15,000. I know, I'm late! I'm following jimmymac's maintenance advice - just ride it.

        I did the valves 3 times on my old ZX14 before I sold it. This one wasn't quite due last fall and I decided I would wait and ride it this season and do a full service this winter. I just got home from a 2500 mile 2 week trip and the bike still ran like a champ. I figure I will need to do valve adjustment, tires, brakes and chain and sprockets when I put it away this year.
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