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ZX14R Passenger Pegs Change

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  • ZX14R Passenger Pegs Change

    So I took Annette for a 130 mile ride a couple weeks ago, and she complained about how high the passenger pegs are. I seemed to recall reading that one could put the Buell XB pegs on (as I have done for my rider's pegs) and get a nice drop in height. So I experimented with mine and it does look like it will work- though the pin that holds the peg in place is much smaller in diameter, so I will have to fab up a sleeve of some sort to take up space.

    Anybody else done this?

    I ordered the pegs (only $37 plus shipping ) a few minutes ago, will let you know how it goes.

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    Re: ZX14R Passenger Pegs Change

    Looking forward to hearing the results.
    KN, this ride's for You.


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      Re: ZX14R Passenger Pegs Change

      My pillon had a similar complaint about the ZX14. She didn't like the lack of leg room and really hated the passenger pegs which have zero padding. So I swapped out the rear passenger pegs from the wife's 650R, which are squishy rubber, with the 14's passenger pegs. The pillon (daughter) was much happier.

      I would suggest getting rubber pegs for the passenger in addition to dropping them.


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        Re: ZX14R Passenger Pegs Change

        Good to see this being addressed and curious of solutions.Since I've had the 14 the Mrs hasn't even got on board yet as she believes the pegs to be an issue.I even bought a nice gel seat to cushion her ride a little better and she still refuses.So curious if innovative options make things a little better.