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Possiblle FLASH of a deal! and i only have slip ons

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  • Possiblle FLASH of a deal! and i only have slip ons

    A friend of mine is thinking of trading his 09 monster edition for a new 14.He was close to having to do a valve job,so he bought a full set of shims,valve cover gasket and spark plugs.So if he does the trade in I wil buy the shims and related materials. He also has a full yoshi exhaust and just last summer he had his ECU flashed from a member of another site. He is possibly looking to put a stock ECU back and selling the one that's been flashed.Only thing keeping me from buying it is it was setup according to the full exhaust system he had.I have just slip-ons and I'd also like to keep a stock ECU as a option.So I thought I'd put the info out for him as I know the flash was a cost of about $300.Anyone have any interest in the ECU just drop me a pm.Wish I had me a stock for backup or I'd go for it myself.Not sure if he still has his stock pipes or if the Yoshi setup is figured in the trade at the dealer or not.