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Puig Racing Windshield Review

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  • Puig Racing Windshield Review

    OK this is probably a stupid thing to review, but it's something I wish someone would have posted a long time ago. Because I would have bought this Windshield right away.

    I'm 6'1" and when riding with the stock windshield sitting in my natural riding position (I have Heli_bar risers) the wind flow hit's me right at the bottom of my neck which is rather annoying when just taking it easy cruising down the freeway. When I get to annoyed I just tuck in.

    With the Puig Racing Double Bubble sitting in my natural ride position the wind flow hit's me right in the center of my helmet. It actually makes the ride a LOT more comfortable. I was cruising down the freeway at 80mph indicated and it felt like I wasn't even moving because I'm not feeling the wind on my neck.

    Here is a side by side comparison of Stock vs. Puig Racing.

    Just click the pic for Full Size.