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  • Carbon Fiber Screen

    I finally broke down and ordered a Carbon Fiber Works windshield. I was a little disappointed in the fit and finish. The holes had to be re-drilled (they were too small), one was off and I had to oval it out to get it to line up. I guess I really never saw the back side of carbon fiber, it was wrinkled, flat black except where some of the resin had gotten on it (two tone flat and shiney), the model number was written on it in yellow like a part out of a junk yard and it's about an 1/8" short at the top end. All that being said after some drilling and painting it came out pretty nice.

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    looks nice


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      Looks meaner than mean. Hey...what do you look at when you want to tuck in behind it and you test the rev limiter in 6th ?

      Oh that speed, everything's a blur anyhow.
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        His GPS?
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          Looks good!
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