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Outer Clutch Plate Scoring

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  • It’s already been apart, I had to go digging when I saw that. Surprisingly, the tensioner blade (the plastic curved piece) and the metal arm that pushes on it (the two components that can contact the plate) didn’t actually look that bad! After a very late night reading the posts here and over on ZRXOA, I ordered the tensioner tamer. I like the idea of the factory part still pushing on the tensioner blade. (My automotive background leads me to refer to the curved piece the tensioner pushes on as the blade, and the straight piece of plastic-coated-metal on the top of the chain as the chain ‘guide’. Not sure if Kaw agrees, but...
    Im not at all happy about the about of lateral movement in the guide, though! Way too much!!!


    • This problem is common to the ZX900R (GPz900R) - 1000RX - ZX10 - ZZR1100 - ZRX1100.
      Why Kawasaki let it go for so long long is beyond me.

      I caught it on my 89 ZX10 before it was too late:


      From the log book a previous owner had a clutch basket destruction at 36,000 miles and replaced all the broken parts, mine was at 54,000 miles when I found this.

      I installed the Tensioner Tamer, which is pretty straight forward and is still available on ebay:

      I would recommend this fix or similar as an utmost priority.

      Just after I installed the new tamer, for my own piece of mind I took the oil pan off and found the following debris left over from the first explosion:


      Then this:


      And finally, just to really scare the crap out of you, the next photo is actually a piece of the original Kawasaki tensioner from the first explosion sitting in the oil pan its about 12mm (1/2") :