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    Cut a long story short, my LH Standard Silencer fell off my bike yesterday when mounting nut loosened and bolt rattled out …the pipe connection to collector box has a stress fracture and on closer examination is very corroded, stress fracture due to weight of silencer hanging off it, Questions are is it worth welding and repairing, as i note most used headers are same ir replace with something like a blackwidow system …i would prefer to keep standard silencers but open to any advice, bike ran great all over Perthshire and Stirling area till it spat off my silencer which was damaged beyond repair

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    Black Widow does an unrestricted header (OEM has a restriction in it, near the collector). Their header will take OEM silencers.
    Alternatively, block off the damaged side, and run with one silencer.
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      If you can find a replacement muffler for reasonable $$, and like the original look and sound, and, the header pipe is repairable, then, there ya go.

      As long as the header is repairable you can opt for aftermarket mufflers. A full system is pretty pricey and quite a bit of work to fit. A set of slip-ons on the other hand easy to fit, but still will reach into your pocket fairly deep.


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        I took my standard silencers off because of the weight and replaced them with delkevic slip on’s which came with adapter pipes. So could repair oem down pipe then take the £300 hit.


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          The stock 4 into 2 header pipes are all over EBAY rather cheaply. If you weld that pipe, I would recommend annealing it (get it red hot and let it air cool down), as they get work hardened and when you weld it, the crack moves father down the line. IMHO. I removed those huge canisters and made my own pipe, stuffed it with baffles and ceramic stuffing. getting ready to finish it off. It looks pike this (pic below0, and is an easy 20 lbs. lighter each side. The end piece is a Radiant Exhaust shorty pipe, and the long piece is the stock pipe, with a very long clamp holding them together. It terminates about 5 inchespast the rear passenger foot peg.

          1a.jpg B.jpg


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            I still have the stock header (great shape) but I replaced my OEM muffler with a set of Delkevic carbons years ago. They don't get hot (you can touch with your hand)
            and they only weigh like 4LBS. The OEM stuff was heavy as hell and got hot enough to bake a turkey and you could feel the heat when stopped.
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              I'm going to cheap route for now. Riding season is almost over. If these work, then I'm all set. I've used a similar set up before with good results. A bit louder than stock but not as loud as a stock Harley.