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Timing Cover Gasket Leaking

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  • Timing Cover Gasket Leaking

    For some time now, I have been experiencing an oil leak at the bottom of the timing cover. I have included some photos. This is a 2002 ZZR1200. Is this paste like substance that seems to make up some of the engine block supposed to be there? I noticed this the first time that I took the cover off. I have replaced the gasket each time, included a thin coat of RTV, but, it still leaks.

    Also, notice the mounting hole on the left bottom. It has no threads. Comments please
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    No paste like substance in mine ...
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      I don't think that's how it comes from the factory... Is it some kind of resin? Maybe it was damaged in a crash and what you are looking at is the repair.

      I'd suggest that you fit the cover without a gasket and check for gaps. Is there a thread deeper inside the screw hole?
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