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PSA for carb cleaning

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  • PSA for carb cleaning

    The needle jet holders do not have a little tiny hole in them. There is an opening at the top and an opening at the bottom but in between is closed. I spent an agonizing amount of time trying to open up a passage in the middle of the needle jet holders. There is no opening, no little tiny hole. I don’t know how or why but I cleaned the ever loving shit out of my carbs and finally the bike revs to redline.

    So I found that there is no tiny opening between the top and the bottom of the needle jet holders. If you are cleaning your carbs on your zzr1200 this is the way. Anyways, I’m drunk because I’m celebrating getting my bike running good, I balanced the carbs and set the idle and all that’s left is to do the fork seals and figure out what I’m going to do about the fairings because they need paint. So cheers.

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    Cheers to you. Perseverance paid. Bravo!
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      Good season to mix drinking and bikes - maintenance season