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Clutch plate replacement

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  • Clutch plate replacement

    Hi everyone, my zzr is just rolling over 35k miles and I know the friction plates have not been changed during its lifetime. The springs on the cam chain tensioner are failing and it's smacking on the clutch basket. So Im getting the els tensioner mod to fix it next week. Wondering if it's worth getting new plates put in while the bike tech is in there. Has anyone had any experience with Barnet or ebc plates? Doesn't seem to be many options out there. Or is it better to go oem on plates? Any advice appreciated!

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    An inspection wouldn't hurt. Unless you're having issues.

    Plates/friction/springs could be inspected. Plates for warpage, scorching, frictions for thickness,
    springs for length.

    If within service range no need to replace.

    Getting to the clutch for service is not a big thing, just requires a gasket.

    Personally unless you're having a issue with your clutch I wouldn't bother.

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      I replaced a 3 steel plates at around 145,000km, because they were a bit scorched. All the rest were within spec, as were the springs.
      But, no harm in checking.
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        The clutch in mine started slipping at about 30,000 miles. I replaced the friction plates and springs, but everything looked fine when I stripped the clutch.

        I now think the problem was changing to a different oil. Quite a few people have had problems with older R1 clutches slipping after changing to a synthetic oil.

        I expect the clutch will be fine at your mileage, but it's easy enough to check it when the cover is off. Just make sure to keep the plates in the same order.

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