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What You Need To Know About Quality Control

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  • What You Need To Know About Quality Control

    As a finance and business professional for 30-plus years, I have seen my share of companies that deliver great quality and steel plate check, unfortunately, many that don’t. No entrepreneur starts out with a desire to form a company that doesn’t provide the absolute best products and services. Rather, along the way, the pressures of running a business can forsake quality, often without the leader even being fully aware that this important foundation of their business is slipping.

    How does a business know if it has a quality control issue?

    The best indicator of a QC issue is the pump inspection testing underachievement in the delivery of your products or services. If you have experienced fraud, abuse or errors in your finances, QC can be an issue, as can general neglect of operations.

    Are QC programs always the best solution to fixing QC problems?

    Yes. The goal of a QC program is to identify and fix issues with the delivery of your product or chemical analysis services. Establishing a QC program is essential to maintaining a successful business. A quick fix or Band-Aid approach to your procedures won’t provide lasting results. The time it takes to research, develop and implement a QC program is well worth the investment.

    For most business owners, a company that is profitable while maintaining steady growth is the ultimate goal. A QC program will help you isolate issues that are impeding your growth, negatively affecting revenues and causing you headaches. It will ensure your business runs just as well when you are away as it does when you are present. If you are looking at an exit strategy, such as selling your company, a QC program can make your company more desirable as well as profitable.

    What should a QC program consist of?

    A QC program should evaluate and modify your organization’s standard operating procedures to make sure the factory acceptance test desired results are delivered to your customers or clients. QC standards should be set at every level of your company and understood by all employees. The basic elements of a plan are research, planning, communication and quality assurance, followed by continuous improvement of management processes for current or future projects.
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