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After oil change oil pressure light comes on all the time mostly flashing

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  • After oil change oil pressure light comes on all the time mostly flashing

    2004 zzz 1200
    oil level is good
    not overheating level usually around 25%
    bike is running really good
    no oil leaks
    happened after oil change and stripped bolts to pan and filter. All the bolts were already rounded so taking off the filter was impossible without locking pliers. I’ll change the bolt with the next change. I had to buy a new oil pan because of the stripping problem.

    I know .... torque wrench. I was using a brand new one and didn’t use it correctly ... stupid I know but... my first question is can I wait until the next oil change to fix it?

    The light comes on after the bike warms up. It flashes while riding especially with higher speed changes. If I’m going at a constant speed it stays off but sitting still after riding it flashes at idle on the kick stand. I was going to try these things:

    - check the sensor wire
    - try to loosen the filter while turned on then tighten after turned off. This may be bad with the end of the bolt all mangled.
    - replace oil filter bolt and other parts with a kit with next oil change.

    So the big question is can I ride the bike now until I change the oil again or is this a huge risk? The oil level is good with no leaks. The bike runs perfect. The temperature never goes above half and usually is at 25%.

    Im not wanting to ruin the engine but also didn’t plan on changing the oil since I just did it. How likely is it I’m going to ruin the engine. I’ve seen posts here that say oil pressure problems are pretty much none existent and it’s more likely I that I didn’t install all the filter parts correctly but even then there is a bypass that wouldn’t cause the light to come on. That means it’s more likely to be a crack, or faulty wire/sensor?

    if it was really not getting enough oil wouldn’t it overheat, make horrid noise, or lock up?

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    Forgot to say the light doesn’t stay on initially when started but after it warms up


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      It has under 15k miles


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        Also the light comes on every time I rev the throttle and then let off. It comes on on the let off part


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          I suspect something hasn't been reassembled correctly. Definitely do not ride it until you figure out what's wrong.

          I don't know anything about the oil filter assembly except how to change it, but someone else might be able to help.
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            As moise said, if you had the oil pan off then it may be that you didn't re-assemble correctly. The "I" and "J" tubes have o-rings that need to seat in the pan and block and are tricky to install.

            I installed a gauge on mine, just to be sure of the actual oil pressure. It's easy, relatively cheap (< $60.00) and I highly recommend it. The oil light sending unit may be bad, or have a bad connection. Get a download of the manual and study the oil system section before proceeding. And don't ride it until you know.


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              A couple of tubes need to be lined up carefully. Ensure they are "pushed home" to make the seal where they should. If not, you may get fluctuations in oil pressure.
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                Yeh it was so much not fun the first time. Reinstalling the exhaust made me want to drink. Getting everything not to leak oil. What do o search for to find the oil pressure monitoring thing?


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                  I looked at the wire end where it goes onto the sensor. It goes down. Should I try to make it face towards the rear tire? I noticed the black cover wasn’t on all the way. I put it on better and noticed the oil light didn’t come on as much I think. I’ll have to go on longer rides but on my way to the gym it didn’t come on. Before I rode the half mile to the gym I was reving the engine and the light only flickered sometimes where the night before it did it after each rev. I’ll come back after tomorrow’s longer trip.

                  Does anyone know if the rubber cover outlet is supposed to face the rear though? Mine is facing down. The part where the wire comes out has its own extension and that is facing down. I was thinking of facing it to the rear so the wire is straight and not going down first then bending to the rear. Just cutoff someone can look at theirs


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                    Billdownunder's pic is of the "I" and "J" oil tubes. Yes, they are tricky to install properly and could cause oil pressure loss.

                    I bought all my oil pressure stuff individually off the 'Bay, and drilled into the oil gallery plug on the lower left of the engine, then ran a braided line to a small gauge zip tied to the clutch line. This is from my ZX11/12 thread :

                    I ordered a "Steel braided gauge line kit" off Amazon for $30 (I bought a 48" long one just in case but had to "service loop" it. A 36" would probably work better).
                    The line came with -4 AN to 1/8 NPT adapters. I bought a 1.75" 100psi gauge on Amazon for $17. I also bought a 90* and a 45* M-F NPT elbow from the local ACE hardware $5 ea.
                    So-Remove oil gallery plug from left side under timing cover, drill and tap for 1/8 NPT, screw in a 90* 1/8 NPT M-F, screw on -4 AN adapter, screw on line, rout as desired, screw on -4 AN adapter, screw on 45* NPT elbow, connect gauge. Remember to wrap all NPT threads with Teflon tape.

                    But also, check that the oil pressure sender connection is clean and tight and that the wire is not broken and making intermittent contact.


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                      I thought I’d come back to say it was the wiring. I tightened it and ran it back towards the rear tire. In the repair manual it talks about a strap. I couldn’t find it but there is a silver bolt attached with a black leg on it. I put the plug behind it and it allowed the wire to be straight but not too tight. After I did this I remembered that it was originally like this.

                      When I took everything apart I didn’t have a manual. I just took pictures before I took things off and put parts in bags with labels. The one thing I didn’t do that for was that one wire because I didn’t disconnect it from the connector but from the oil pan itself.

                      Its all all fixed now and running great with no lights on or flashing so basically if anyone has a randomly flashing oil pressure light. I’d start with the wire that connects to the sensor and be sure it is tightened with the cap on. Then make sure the wire is ran back and secured so it doesn’t flop around and hit one of the hot tubes.


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                        nothing like success


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                          Man, that was scary. Kawasaki doesn't have issues like that very often.
                          glad it was just wiring.
                          KN, this ride's for You.



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                            Glad to see you got that sorted out.
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                            but sometimes it just needs a mod"