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In need of a crash chart, frame specs or measurements

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  • In need of a crash chart, frame specs or measurements

    Hello its nice to see this site is still up after all these years.

    The zzr went down on its left and then a semi ran over the front forks. The frame has a nice dent in her but doesn't look twisted. Its been a long and sad week. I need to find out if my frame is bent or the rear swing arm is out before i make the move to dismantle or remove the engine. I have a 98 1100-d if needed for doner parts
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    Originally posted by OscarGoldman View Post
    The frame has a nice dent in her but doesn't look twisted
    Sounds like the bike is totaled to me. Crashed and ran over by a semi........


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      She runs great, I have all the stock fairings and %60 of parts to fix her, there was a after market kit on the bike. Im just wondering about the frame damage
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        Wow, that is a pretty bad ding on the frame. I have to agree with Piken on this one.

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          You might be ok, but then again you might not. If you really want to rebuild it and have the time I would not risk it get a donor. Not worth the risk, dangerous damage might be hidden


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            Whoa! That looks worse than the one I just dismantled. I still have a lot of good usable parts if you need any, LMK


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              I would have thought the chances of that being straight are close to zero.

              Sorry mate, but I think you'll need another frame.
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                So I walked away with a broken clavicle, Its been 2 weeks and I can only do so much with one and half arms. I started taken the bike apart to get a closer look at the damage. The frame it self appears to be not twisted but where the dent is may have shifted closer to the motor under a 1/16 inch if that, but cant be certain. After removing the exhaust manifold I notice the sub frame was shifted a good 1/8 inch to the right. By the way make sure you get really good sliders to keep your motor from damage.

                Ive thought it over and looked at some numbers, Im going to dismantle and save the motor and keep the parts and bolts on hand, thank you all very much let me know if you need something. I still have the original nose fairing, and the right side, there was a after market kit on the bike the time of the crash
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                  Glad to hear that you came out with only a broken clavicle.

                  Sorry to hear you can't salvage the bike but used ZZR's are out there with low miles and very good prices.

                  Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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                    Right decision to move on to another frame.

                    Very glad your body will heal.... Semi vs M/C is rarely such a recoverable outcome.

                    RIP Zed.
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                      Glad you're alright, O.G., but sad about the bike. I have a dent on the right side of my 2002's frame. Not as bad as yours, but a new frame is the way to go.

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