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is this thing necessary?

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  • is this thing necessary?

    I am wondering the purpose of and importance of a part called a "head cover" (schematic ID 49016A) which I just had to yank out from between my radiator and engine because it had slipped from wherever it was supposed to be and landed on my exhaust head pipe and began to burn while I was in traffic.
    I managed to pull in to the bike shop I was headed for to get my bike inspected for the year and luckily they had a hose nearby that I squirted a little water on before it decided to ignite 6 gallons of gas and send my bike to the junk pile.
    Anyway... That little plate / flap / cover...whatever it is, why is it there, what does it do and what are the consequences of not being able to even remotely get it back in without tearing the tank and aibox off?
    As far as I can tell it's about as necessary as you-know-what's on a bull.
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    It does have a purpose, but I can't recall what it is. I do know that others have had problems with it slipping and hitting the heads as well.
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      If memory serves right, that piece has a dual purpose. Guides air and blocks air as an air dam of sorts. Has a rubber edge to make a "seal" at the front, and guides the air toward the head, around the side, and a bit toward the frond of the motor. Think of it a fan shroud for its purpose. Mine slipped down and rested on the header one day. Scared the crap out of me with the smoke. Yanked it out as best I could and then finished the extraction once home. Rode without it for about 1.5 years. Didn't notice an increase of temps or loss of power.


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        Needed? No. But you can drill a small hole and run a zip tie through to keep it in place, the next time you dig in there. That's what I did.
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          Glad you averted disaster like many of the rest of us, MCM

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            Maybe keeps the gas tank cooler? Just a guess after looking at it on my bike.
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              This part is there to avoid the air going through the radiator (and that is now quite hot at that stage) to reach the rider and make it noticeably uncomfortable.


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                Originally posted by Claude View Post
                This part is there to avoid the air going through the radiator (and that is now quite hot at that stage) to reach the rider and make it noticeably uncomfortable.
                This is what I thought it was for too...
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                  Make sure to secure it properly ,.mine fell alon the header and started a fire. (Was at stop light and was able to put it out right away)

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                    Doing some maintenance after the long ride.
                    I noticed the radiator heat shield wasn't in the correct spot, it had moved back part way over the rocker cover.
                    I went to a lot of trouble trying to put it back, when, after looking at a parts fiche, I noticed it was upside down.
                    Anyway, after a bit of swearing it is in place. I followed loic's suggestion and cable tied it.
                    Still, a pain in the ass.
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