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Coolant Tank Vent Hose Routing

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  • Coolant Tank Vent Hose Routing

    I am hoping someone might know or be able to quickly look as to where the coolant tank vent hose is routed. It's a long story, but during the removal of the tank I lost track of where this hose used to go or if it was connected to anything on the other end in the first place.

    For clarity... this is the hose that leaves the top of the reserve tank near the upper mounting bolt, not the hose that connects from the radiator filler neck to the bottom of the tank.


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    This might help.

    The hose goes through that black foam insulation piece between the fairing and the frame going towards the front of the bike.

    Then from the pic below through the frame exiting the right side of the bike.

    I didn't look on mine, but putting it together, that what it seems like.

    Hope this helps.



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      Mine goes to the back of the bike, along the LHS of the frame just under the seat, and sits somewhere under the tailpiece.
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