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Full Exhaust vs Slip on

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  • Full Exhaust vs Slip on

    Is it worth buying full exhaust (headers + muffler)?

    Or is it a waste of money?

    How much power difference between the two?

    Although I do like the sound of the Black Widow 4 into 1 exhaust.


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    slip on, stock jetting +3hp

    slip on, carb kit +8hp

    Full exhaust $550+ Carb kit $150+ = 8-10hp = $700

    Tune optional as well with full exhaust. Tuning with carbs kinda a pain. probably 2hrs at $75 = $150

    I'd go with slip ons and Ivans Carb kit.

    If you're seeking more power. best to just put the money in the ZX14 piggy bank.

    It's pretty hard to get the ZZR out of the 140-150hp range.
    Maybe a nitrous wet kit?

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      I got 142 hp with the stock exhaust and the Ivans Kit.

      went 172.5 mph at Maxton, NC...….all stock

      wet nitrous kits are only for fuel injected bikes ........................................nbk
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        Thanks guys,

        I'm not necessarily for more power, I'd just like it to run better without being restricted.

        I'm also debating whether I should be doing this in the first place.

        I like the fact that the Zed is over engineered and does not have the electronics, but it also doesn't have the braking and handling like modern bikes.

        It's reliable, and I've replaced many parts already so going with another bike like the 14, I'd be going to something that totally electronic.

        For example, it the zed had 1 carb down, I could still limp home....if the 14 had injector down the bike might not even run.

        So I've been struggling with saving and getting another bike which requires selling my bike (who knows how long that will take) losing some money, dealing with strange people, etc.

        Paying more for insurance will also be a factor.

        Parts for the zed and also dirt cheap and plentiful....

        I have lots to think about and consider.



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          Originally posted by NATURALBORNKILLAR View Post
          wet nitrous kits are only for fuel injected bikes ........................................nbk
          Wrong. That's what a "Wet" kit is for. Adds fuel with the NOS

          Don't need a wet kit when installing NOS on FI bikes.

          Our ability to distribute interesting information is out pacing our ability to create it.


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            Enjoy the ZZR it's a great bike!

            I was just saying not really worth the money chasing hp on the ZZR,

            Our ability to distribute interesting information is out pacing our ability to create it.


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              It is a great bike.

              I think if I can get it to handle better I'd appreciate it's plenty fast.

              Right now I feel like I'm just bouncing around when I go over bumps.

              Not sure if the suspension needs a rebuild.

              I know the rear shock is not rebuildable.

              I'd like to try a zx9r shock but i couldn't find what year fits and any rebuild info.



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                Exhaust: I put the Black Widow headers on (unrestricted). I use Staintune slipons. I find it runs better with a bit more oomph (butt dyno).

                Front suspension:
                Current springs are suited for someone around 100kg.
                Change the fork oil, it can make a big difference.

                Rear shock rebuild can be done.

                This from a supplier in Oz:
                Cost for me would be around AUS$800 including freight.
                (Ikon took over the Koni brand).

                Hi Bill,

                Thanks for your enquiry. We don't keep items in stock for this model, however we have made these mono shocks before for customers with the 2003 model. They usually send in the original shock and we make a new shock that refit the original remote preload adjuster.
                Would you also be interested in reusing the remote preload adjuster from your original shock? Otherwise we could make a shock that has a screw thread body that allows the spring preload to be adjusted with a C-Spanner.
                Also, where are you located so I can include the freight costs in the quote?

                Warm regards,
                Ph: (02) 6040 9955
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                  Hi Dinky,
                  I've got the Black Widow 4into1 on my '02 and I really like it.
                  As for "was it worth it?", I don't know. I didn't ride the bike much before I did the upgrades.
                  I just like the sound of a big carbed inline 4 with a 4/1 header. It reminds me of my misspent youth.
                  You can here it here: although this is an old video from Texas and the carbs were a little lean.
                  Installing it wasn't too bad, but it did require a little grinding on the centerstand bracket and oil cooler mount(green arrows in pics).

                  As for suspension, I just installed an Ohlins rear shock which seems better but I don't have it fully dialed in yet.
                  I've only had time for one good ride (a hundred miles) and it was on Colorado's crappy roads.
                  So, was it worth it? Again, I don't know.
                  IMO, it's not so much the rear that's the problem with the stock suspension, but the front.
                  HyperPro makes a progressive spring kit for us, so this winter I'll do that.

                  As for the cost of all this, I really like this bike,
                  even though I've threatened to sell it a couple times (cuz I have a very small and crowed garage), I'll keep it.
                  And I'll keep hanging diamonds on my pig.
                  The way I see it, if ya like it, it's worth it.


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                    I always liked the way your bike sounds.

                    I don't want it too loud that it draws attention.

                    It's actually pretty loud with the stock exhaust when you get on it....but quiet if you drive normal.

                    I'm not a fan of loud bikes, but I believe it saves you from cars switching lanes into you.....happened to me numerous times since the bike is quiet.

                    Anyone know about fitting a zx9r shock?



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                      What's the weight difference with a full exhaust? That's about all I see you gaining,(or losing), paying for the full setup.