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  • Handlebar Mod Question

    Readdressing the issue of turning the bike into a more upright sport touring position. Need to get more upright but don't want to give up that sweet engine. Bought the C10 bars but have hesitations on that setup. I'm seriously thinking of getting the LSL Superbike Adapter. Wondering if any of you guys have added handlebars that sat you much more upright, and if so...which ones they were. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Greg

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    ZZR1200 I assume? Most people would have gone with the Genmar risers.
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      I have Heli-Bars on mine. They are almost infinitely adjustable from 1-4 inches up and back from stock.
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        Yes it's a ZZR and I do have Genmar's on it. I'd like to get more upright though. I'm also considering dbl stacking the Genmars too. Just wondering if anyone has aftermarket bars that get them maybe close to upright.