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Tap kit for stripped oil pan drain bolt

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  • Tap kit for stripped oil pan drain bolt

    Even though I uses a torque wrench, I manages to pop off some threads. I ordered a kit of Amazon that had a 13mm tap and new boots and washers. It ended up working, even though I had to torque more than I would've liked. No drips after tightening up a little more.

    BILITOOLS 84-Piece Oil Pan Drain...

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    Gad you were able to fix it fairly easily
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      I find a new drain plug crush washer with each oil change helps as well. It minimizes over torquing the drain plug when tightening it back up.
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        I guess I've been lucky over the years with drain plugs. I have never stripped one out. These kits look like the fix though.
        I also do not torque a lot of stuff on bikes and such. I'm a firm believer in Loc-Tite products though. I just seem to have a touch
        I guess on most bolting up stuff. Not bragging or anything, I've seen others who do as well. Must be from my profession.
        In my line of work, I can't risk over tightening fasteners.
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          As they say, "tighten 'till it starts to strip, then back it off half a turn."
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              I am so freaked out about it after losing a drain plug in my dirt bike as a kid, (yes it seized) that I have always just safety wired my plugs, and been gentle tightening them. That way, as long as it don't leak, its tight enough!
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                get your torque wrench checked


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                  Originally posted by NATURALBORNKILLAR View Post
                  get your torque wrench checked
                  The common, click type torque wrench can go out of calibration depending on the quality of the tool and how well it is looked after. They should be unloaded and set to a low torque before storage.

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