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    Originally posted by NotDeadYet View Post
    My ZZR1200 also had the decelerating head shake issue if I removed my hands from the bars. New tires would solve it for a while but it always seemed to return as the tires wore. I learned to always keep light pressure on the bars to prevent it. I’ve owned 4 different ZX14’s over the years and none of them have had this issue. It seemed to be almost a universal problem with the ZZR 1200’s.

    so even if I change the front tyre it’ll come back ??
    If this is the case Who has fitted a steering damper to theirs?? Sorry to digress from the post.


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      I had a steering damper and a fork brace on mine. I also put in ohlins front springs and an ohlins rear shock. Nothing ever really solved it. New tires helped but it always seemed to reappear. I was always religious about tire pressures as well. It seemed at the time that most ZZR1200 owners experienced it. I just learned to live with it.

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        I had a few different front tyres on my Zed. One thing I noticed was that the more rounded profile tyres, like the Pilot Power 3, lasted longer before the head shake started.

        I have the Road 5 on the R1, which are probably the best sports tyres I've fitted to the bike! A group of us did a trip around the South Island last month, about 3,500 miles in total. The roads are mainly chip seal and very hard on tyres.

        The Road 5s had done about 1,500 miles before the trip and were barely worn. The tread on the rear is now 3.5 - 4 mm and will make 10,000 miles at this rate!!! The front is more worn though, and is down to 2.5 - 3 mm. The rear has flattened slightly just on the area between the grooves.

        The rear is wearing better than the previous Road 4, yet has more grip. I doubt the front will last as long, but I'm not complaining as it gives me so much confidence in the front end.

        Difficult to believe the Road 6 can be better.

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          I'll let you know in about 20,000km...

          Decelerating head shake - mine disappeared after I replaced my front calipers with Nissins, and put new rotors on. Don't ask me why or which replacement did it.
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            BillDownUnder I think I thought you had worn all the sidewall siping off your tires when I saw the picture. However, I just realized I run a Road 4 GT which has siping right to the sidewall.... the Road 5's only have the siping in the middle . Might be a better choice for me next round ... mega cupping on the siped sidewalls after a week of california twisties.
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              I was never a fan of Road 4, nor Road 3. 2 and 5 were my favourites, 6 may be the next one.
              I had my patience tested. I'm negative.


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                Originally posted by CHARLIE View Post
                I still don't know how some riders get that kind of millage out of a motorcycle tire.
                I've had several brands with sport and sport touring tires on my Zed and the most
                I've ever gotten is about 6 to 6500K out of a set. We must have rough roads around here.
                I'm a stickler for air pressure too. I do only get around 4-4500K from a sport tire, but that's
                expected I would think.
                An aggressive bighting asphalt composition in combination with warm and dry environment can eat my tires by lunch time. Really depends on matching compound options to what best plays into the performance you want. I find the trick is to light it up went you want to push an edge rather than straight up.
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