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Anyone install Gold valve in ZX11 rear shock?

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  • Anyone install Gold valve in ZX11 rear shock?

    Hi everyone, I am considering ways to improve the rear suspension on my '96 D model. I have two options- I can replace the D model shock with a used (24k mile) ZZR1200 shock or install a Racetech Gold Valve in my D model shock.
    Currently I am leaning toward the D model / Gold Valve because I can change the fluid when it wears out, whereas the ZZR1200 shock is not rebuildable ( from what I have read)

    Has anyone done the Gold Valve conversion or ridden an '11 with such a setup, and how was it? Any opinions as to the relative merrits of the two options?


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    Can't comment on your specific application but I'm sure a Race Tech Gold Valve conversion will be waaaay better than an OEM shock. You can also have them spring it for your weight and riding style.

    However, I'm sure the Race Tech will be quite a bit more expensive than an OEM shock.

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      I can't recall anyone raving about the rear shock on the ZZR12. In fact, I would say it is just the opposite, most guys look to upgrade the shock because it is seen as somewhat of a weak link.


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        I was asking because on the ZX11 side, the ZZR1200 shock is considered to be superior, and an easy upgrade.
        I think I've prety much decided to stay with the ZX11 uinit and install the Gold Valve, because I like being able to service the unit from time to time- something that is apparently not an option with the ZZR unit.

        Thanks for the replies and input gents!