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Carbs flooding?

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  • Carbs flooding?

    Today I went where my bike is stored to do some maintenance on it (I'll register it in june or july only).
    After adjusting the valves, I put the battery and tried to start the engine (no airbox, only to start it for the 1st time in months). I primed the fuel pump (engine in 1st gear, clutch lever not pulled) but a lot of gas came out of the two fittings where the ramair is attached to the bowls. I thought the tube had to be there so I installed the tube in the two fittings (no front fairing) and tried to start it again but the same thing occured again.

    It's the first time I have this problem; wha'ts up? Worn or stuck carb's valve seat or what?

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    Re: Carbs flooding?

    Try rapping on the float bowls with a screwdriver handle. When you leave the bowls dry sometimes the floats stick in the down positio9n and fuel floods all the way out to the float bowl pressure balance tubes.