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Repairing the rear shock ZZR1100

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  • Repairing the rear shock ZZR1100

    Hello! Owners of the ZZR1100, who knows what pressure to pump into the rear shock absorber and how much oil to pour into it? thank

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    I'm not saying this is the correct procedure, but just for the sake of discussion. When I re-built mine, I filled it within about 1/8" from the top with Bel-Ray 15wt, and pressurized it with 100psi (that's all my compressor would put out at the time).
    It rode like a jack hammer over anything but the gentlest bumps, just like before the rebuild. In retrospect, maybe I should have used 5wt oil and left about 1/4-3/8 space. Another option might have been to play with the valving, but that probably would have been a disaster...

    I ended up using a shock from a ZZR 1200 and modified the linkage to fit. It rides much better now although the spring is too soft even with full preload (I'm 250+ fully suited up). It's excellent for everyday riding, but the fast guys would probably not care for it too much.