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Interchange between C and D models

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  • Interchange between C and D models

    As an aside to my build thread I could do with some general help re interchangeability between C and D in regard to the headlight and indicators

    i've trawled a lot of microfiches and parts lists and I can't work out the part number system

    They will list different part numbers for different years of C model which I assumed were just different model names for different years of the same bike ( C1,C2,C3 etc) and then different ones again for all the D models

    The microfiche line drawings all look the same for different years and photos of one's for sale look the same as each other

    Anyone got any ideas ?

    Thanks in advance

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    the early ones would run in the 10's all day. I will assume we are talking about a ZX-11.?


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      Sorry, forgot that bit, it's a zzr1100. 92 C model, which variant of C I'm not sure, hence the confusion over interchangeably between different sub models

      Though I have noticed in a photo that the lens of the headlight appears to be held on with clips ( and probably some sort of sealant ) so I may be able to split the unit and deal with the stone chip damage from inside ( it's got a minute hole in the front but a ' blister ' of glass has blown out on the inside , quite small but noticeable)

      If I can't fix it nothing lost, if I can it's $200 saved



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        Got another headlight, couldn't split the old one, seems Kawasaki didn't intend anyone to get inside the little bastard