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Air box needed?

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  • Air box needed?

    Hi all
    currently installing zzr1100 D engine into a kitcar. At the moment engine is running without the airbox, so just open carbs. I read somewhere that the airbox is needed, is this true. Was planning just putting carb socks on each carb but now wondering if I need more airbox like.

    Many thanks

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    I would not say its really "needed" its just on the stock bike it has a Ram air.. I have heard that it does add a decent amount of power at higher speeds.. Raul at Wheelsmith says the carbed bikes gain a lot more HP than the FI bikes from the ram air. Its hard to say that if you dont have a wind tunnel that you would get the same effect on your kit car. Need to get ducting that would feed the air box in the same way


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      Ram air does not take effect until 150 mph is reached

      the gain is 5%


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        NBK, not necessarily true.. you also need to pressurise the floats with equilisatiion tubes. Fuck this shit. Fuck you, spell check.
        KN, this ride's for You.


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          Float bowls are pressurized for in the Ram air if they are all equally open should run ok. but there could be an argument that the carb and jetting is designed to have a ram air and fuel bowl pressure from the ram air. Again I think 150 is very high for a ram air effect I would say over 100MPH you get some ram air effect.


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            I know that with the ram air hooked up, but without the equalization tube attached (oops ) mine wouldn't go over 45mph...

            As for needing the airbox, you can run without it but since it creates a specific flow restriction it won't run well without a full re-jetting to compensate. Even then, the springs, diaphragm, air bleeds, float level, etc. may also need to be re-calibrated for perfect function.


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              the info I submitted goes back to the 1st bike with ram air; the 1990 ZX-11. It is a better than average body shape for top speed runs.

              Probably written by Kevin Cameron as a tech intro to a new bike.