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94 ZX6E Mod list W/Before & After pic

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  • 94 ZX6E Mod list W/Before & After pic

    Mods so far
    ZZR1200 rear shock
    Front shocks shortened
    07ZX10R slip-ons
    Tall smoked windscreen
    Custom covered seat
    Removed most of the rear fender

    Here is a before and after shot

    A friend bought this bike, it was a basket case (wish I had a pic). Had 26k on it. All tore apart and hadn't ran in years. Had been dropped on its left side. Was different colors. We cleaned and coated the gas tank, rebuilt the carbs, repaired the broken fairings and painted the fairings & frame black. Accents were painted green and the black spray paint was meticulously removed from the wheels with the factory green still in good shape underneath. Had the seat recovered. He wanted the "Solo seat look" so it is half green half black.

    He just wasn't into the bike and wanted a cruiser do I bought it from him and started modding it. First I put the 07 ZX10R slip-ons on it and repaired the dash pieces and painted them black. I removed most of the rear fender, left just enough to mount the tag. The left dash piece is made out of five pieces. One tab had to be fixed and a crack removed from the front dash, the right side dash was fine. The rear shock went out and my wife was interested in learning to ride so I decided to set it up for her. I did the ZZR1200 rear shock mod that lowered the rear. Put the tall smoked windscreen on. We just got the front shocks lowered and reinstalled tonight. It is sitting pretty low now so speed bumps are going to be an issue but she can reach a lot better now.

    Future mods. I want to get another seat and trim it so she can sit a little lower and gain a little more stability. I would like to extend the swingarm and put some a few stickers back on it. She is thinking of adding pink accents as everything else she has is pink.

    It is safe to say we saved this one from being parted out or thrown away. It runs well and is looking a lot better.
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