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Zzr600 Mt09 shock conversion

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  • Zzr600 Mt09 shock conversion

    Hi guys, first post here,

    ​​​​​​I've been working on a conversion bracket that allows fitment of a yamaha Mt09 rear shock to the Zzr600e which allowed me to fit a much newer rear shock absorber to my bike.

    The shock I chose only set me back £25 including postage and the bracket I made myself allowed me to retain the length of the factory shock but lifted the rear a little bit which has improved the handling.

    The main aim of this project was to improve the quality of the rear shock on a budget instead of stumping up for a hagon or yss shock absorber.

    What does everyone think?

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    Dang, that's purdy. Nicely done.


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      Not in the too distant past, I fitted a R6 rear shock to a YZF600 thanks to another online forum. Was a fantastic upgrade for not only me, but with the wife on the back too. If you can re-fit something without too much hassle and the material used is compatible strength for stress reasons, there shouldn't be an issue, and it could be a huge benefit overall. Height might change with the piece you made, changing the handling characteristic.


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        I used L168 aluminium. Has a comparable tensile strength to mild steel but much lighter and easier to machine, I could have made it standard height but I wanted it a little higher as I am pretty tall. I kept it low enough to keep using my centre stand though. Any higher and it would have been unusable. Plus the handling would have been too twitchy