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ZX6e Ram Air & Carbs

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  • ZX6e Ram Air & Carbs

    I tried searching this forum for info, but did not come up with anything.
    Hopefully y'all can help me out.

    A friend of mine has a 2001 ZX6e. We've learned that the carburetors do not function correctly if the ram air ducts and the smaller tubes within them are not properly connected. Issues like sputtering at speed, low on power, etc.

    His bike has been running fine after a carb clean and making sure the tubes are in place.

    Yesterday he was in a collision and the left side fairings and intake tube are gone. They were damaged by the accident and still in place, but his bike was stolen, and recovered by police about two hours later, and the damaged fairing parts are now nowhere to be seen.

    So where I'm going with this is: has anyone found a way to run these bikes in a naked configuration and have the carbs function properly?
    We are looking at options for rebuild or replace.

    Thank you all.