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  • 1977 z1000

    Hi Guys .
    I am restoring a 1977 z1000 ( kz1000 in the US ) .
    Am at the pointy end of the resto , I am having trouble with petrol leakage from the carbies .
    Its not running out , its like its vapourising on the outside of the float bowls after the bike is stopped .
    The floats have been set and rechecked , carbies fully rebuilt .
    Bike runs like a dream apart from this little problem .
    Changed the O-rings on the air/fuel mixture screws today ( they were replaced when carbies were rebuilt ) but that didn`t fix the problem .
    Any ideas would be appreciated .

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    I placed a 360 Equaflo Offenhauser manifold on the 2nd 65 GTO that I owned. The 780 Holley looked beautifully mated to the intake manifold. I had a small squeeze bottle of lacquer thinner that I used to get rid of the stain left by the seal between the carb and the manifold. After months of under hood dust and attention to motor detail I no longer wanted to spend time on something that was not important to reliability or performance.

    I have a 1978 KZ650sr that has the same "stain" that you describe. Many heat and cool cycles cause the 4 points of contact to fatigue at the float bowls. The gasket material will no longer do it's job at 100%. Surfaces could be milled flat, but how much is the removal of a stain worth? Placed in a Museum, no gas is added.
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      Its not the stain I am worried about Dondiego , its the fact that petrol is leaking out . No plans to put in a museum , many plans to ride her around heaps .


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        Hang out , someone will have an answer you like. There is a slight disconnect with the terms, but someone knows what you're talking about. Hang out.
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