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Troubleshooting electrical problem - Help Please

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  • Troubleshooting electrical problem - Help Please

    Anyone ever had to troubleshoot a dead T-Rex? I swapped out my battery today and made the dumbass mistake of putting it in backwords. (didn't help that the wires were colored properly). Anyway, I've checked the 3 main 30amp fuses plus the 10 and 15amp fuses in the fuse box and all of them are still good. Yet, when I turn the key to the on position I get nothing. No lights, nothing. Did I blow a relay somewhere? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    If it is the ZZR wiring harness there is another 30 amp inline fuse in a modular plastic housing. If you can locate it, pop the plastic top off and inside will be the super secret 30 amp fuse. Unfortunately I can't tell you where it would be on your Rex on the ZZR it is on the left side under the the side plastic.
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      Aha! Found the one you were referring to. Problem solved. Thanks.


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        SOS 04 Campagna T-rex Where is hidden 15A headlight fuse hidden, PLEEEEAAASE?


        All main fuse box fuses good.
        30A main fuse good.
        both head light relays test out fine but not getting power
        Where is the "hidden 15A headlight fuse located, please?

        I have looked everywhere on the driver's side where the wiring harness goes to the front.

        Many thanks in advance.

        Regards, Bo