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Thread: Mailing Bullets?

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    Mailing Bullets?

    This may be a dumb question, but I don't see any guidance on the usps web site.

    Is there a way to send bullets in the US Postal system? I sold my pistol to my brother in KC. I still have a couple boxes of ammo here in CO. I can deliver them next time I go out there, but mailing them would be alot quicker.

    I've never tried this before, and the USPS website doesn't like to give me the answers I'm looking for. So I thought I'd ping that off more educated firearm enthusiasts here.

    If it's a silly question, be gentle :)


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    Hence the phrase, "Going Postal!"


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    It's on the USPS site:


    You cannot mail:
    Alcoholic beverages
    Drug paraphernalia
    Fireworks and other explosives

    Use UPS Ground or FedEx Ground.
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    UPS Ground.
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    Thanks. Couldn't find that freakin' link myself for some reason. I was sure they wouldn't do it, just wanted to see it in writing.

    I'll check UPS for rates.

    Thanks, guys.

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    United Parcel Smashers is the only option that non-commercial entities have to ship small arms cartridges.

    The rules are simple and straight forward:

    -The box of ammo cannot exceed 60 pounds in weight

    -The box must bear at least one "ORM-D" label that is both clearly visible and secured permanently on the box's

    -The box must be sufficiently strong to contain the ammunition within (reinforced shipping tape is your best bet)

    -The box must be dropped off at a customer service center at the terminal hub, no exceptions

    -It always advisable to have the UPS hazardous shipping hotline "1-800" number with you (it is on the UPS website) when you go to drop it off since there may be an employee with less than adequate knowledge about shipping such consumer commodities.
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    more gobbledygook: Basically, make sure you apply (or make) an ORM-D label and take it to a UPS shipping hub, and you're fine.
    Here are the DOT reguations for shipping small arms ammunition by ground as ORM-D material.

    Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Part 173

    173.63 Packaging exceptions

    (b) Cartridges, small arms, and cartridges power devices. (1) Cartridges, small arms and cartridges power devices (which are used to project fastening devices) which have been classed as a Division 1.4S explosive may be reclassed, offered for transportation, and transported as ORM-D material when packaged in accordance with paragraph (b)(2) of this section; such transportation is excepted from the requirements of subparts E (Labeling) and F (Placarding) of part 172 of this subchapter. Cartridges, small arms, and cartridges power devices that may be shipped as ORM-D material is limited to:

    (i) Ammunition for rifle, pistol, or shotgun;
    (ii) Ammunition with inert projectiles or blank ammunition;
    (iii) Ammunition having no tear gas, incendiary, or detonating explosive projectiles;
    (iv) Ammunition not exceeding 12.7 mm (50 caliber or 0.5 inch) for rifle or pistol, cartridges or 8 gauge for shotshells; and
    (v) Cartridges power devices which are used to project fastening devices.

    (2) Packaging for cartridges, small arms, and cartridges power devices as ORM-D material must be as follows:
    (i) Ammunition must be packed in inside boxes, or in partitions which fit snugly in the outside packaging, or in metal clips;
    (ii) Primers must be protected from accidental initiation;
    (iii) Inside boxes, partitions or metal clips must be packed in securely-closed strong outside packagings;
    (iv) Maximum gross weight is limited to 30 Kg (66 pounds) per package; and
    (v) Cartridges, power devices which are used to project fastening devices and 22 caliber rim-fire cartridges may be packaged loose in strong outside packagings.

    Part 172 (Marking)

    172.316 Packagings containing material classed as ORM-D

    (a) Each non-bulk packaging containing a material classed as ORM-D must be marked on at least one side or end with the ORM-D designation immediately following or below the proper shipping name of the material (Cartridges, Small Arms). The ORM designation must be placed within a rectangle that is approximately 6.3 mm (0.25 inches) larger on each side than the designation.

    (b) The marking ORM-D is the certification by the person offering the packaging for transportation that the material is properly described, classed, packaged, marked and labeled (when appropriate) and in proper condition for transportation according to the applicable regulations of this subchapter.

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