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Thread: Avon Tires-no balance dots?

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    Senior Member Praetor Urbanus Robert's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Payson, Utah

    Avon Tires-no balance dots?

    I sent an email to Avon asking them why their tires don't have balance dots?

    This was their reply:

    Hi Robert,
    As you are probably aware, tyres have dots on them which mark the light
    spot on the tyre. This is then fitted next to the valve which is
    potentially the heaviest part of the wheel and thus to a certain degree
    the light spot and heavy spot will counteract eachother.

    We did not put balance dots on our tyres as we were striving to
    eliminate any light and heavy spots on our tyres. We have been asked
    this question about dots many times and as we have improved upon, but
    not eliminated the light/heavy spots on our tyres, we have decided to
    re-introduced the balance dots on certain new tyres over the coming
    weeks. Your tyre will not have a mark on it.

    Best regards,

    Peter J McNally

    M/C Technical Product Manager
    Just thought some of you would like to know.

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    Senior Member Aedile timeisrelative's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    east berlin ,pennsylvania
    Yea I noticed my 2ct's didn't have a dot either!

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    Kawasaki Surgeon Emeritus Consul DWC's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Reno, Texas ZZR member #3397
    .... Doesn't really matter anyway ...... =^/

    Have yet found a mark to be right .... whether it be yellow (heavy) or red (light).

    After dismounting a tyre I balance the wheel to find the light spot ... mark a line at that point and write that amount using a junk yard paint pen on the inside of the rim so to have it for future reference ... With masking tape put the appropriate weight in place and mount the new tyre loose - that is to say with no air - then balance ... This tells me where the true light / heavy spot is ... put a mark on the tire, put it back on the machine, line up the heavy spot of the tyre with the light spot on the rim, air up the tyre, remove the temporary weights and balance again ... This way I know I'm putting on the least amount of weights I need to.
    . KWN ... "This rides for you" .

    Proud member of "The New Republic of Texas vigilante's committee"

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    Senior Member Aedile Scott99's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Houston, TX
    Neat procedure, DWC. I, too, balance my wheels without the tires, but I leave those weights as practically permanent. Then I mount the tires and re-balance. Most of the time the additional weight is no big deal and I move on. Never thought about balancing before airing to determine the tire balance. Obvious, now that you pointed it out!
    '15 ZX14, '05 ZZR1200, '05 Ninja 250, & '04 ZX-10R (Track Use)

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    ZZRbikes.com mascot Jamesus Maximus jimmymac's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    KC MO.
    I would think without the bead fully seated it could give a false reading from not being fully centered...
    KN, this ride's for You.

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    Senior Member Censor Danno's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Southwestern Illinois
    What about the suspended between two motel luggage racks balancing method?

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    Senior Member Praetor Urbanus Robert's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Payson, Utah
    What a pain, but I got the tires changed. First time doing it myself. Did I mention that I like having a center stand on the 14.

    I took the bolts off the front fender but left it there and just moved it up out of the way, while removing the wheel.

    Sorry I didn't do a step by step on changing the tires, I had to call jimmymac to ask him a couple of questions about removing the rubber but everything went ok. Yes you can spoon the rubber off and spoon it back on, I just set the wheels on 2 4x4 peices of wood then stood on the rim while spooning the rubber off. And I stood on the rubber while spooning the new tires back on. Same method I used for changing semi truck tires.

    I went for a short ride tonight after finishing the install. These Avon Storms corner better than any tire I've ever experienced right out of the box. The feel completely planted while putting a peg down.

    For balancing the wheels I used Dyna Beads, don't try putting them through the valve stem (it's a royal pain). With the new rubber all the way on the rim just take a tire iron open up one side of the tire and dump the whole bag in. The Dyna Beads are high density ceramic material and each bead is perfectly round. You wouldn't think they are as heavy as they are for the size. They are very tiny.

    BTW,.. I used Bike Pack 3 which is 2 bags of 2oz. I just got the picture from another web-site which was easier than taking one myself.

    Sorry for posting so many over-sized pictures, I just like pictures.

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    VIP/Contributing Member Quaestor GaryZ's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
    Oklahoma City
    I'm agreeing with Danno . . . A motorcycle tire is properly balanced in the parking lot of a motel suspended on its axle between two pieces of luggage. DWC must be slippin' . . .
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    Senior Member Praetor Urbanus Robert's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
    Payson, Utah
    Btw,... I had to pump the back tire up to around 70 psi to seat the beads (there is a loud POP!!! POP!!!). I only had to go to about 50 psi to seat the beads on the front tire.

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